we're an Indian start-up that builds CAD tools
to help create better personal technology

our first such tool helps build better PC apps
a new developer-tool interface protocol
makes the expression of design ideas through the tool a lot more efficient
and a new approach to UI design
specially engineered for the needs of more timing sensitive apps
results in more engaging entertainment and communication apps

amongst PC platforms
we foresee the best prospects for Apple's Mac lineup
today, Mac developers use Apple's XCode IDE to develop apps
UIs are built using a tool component within XCode called InterfaceBuilder
it's a visual tool that generates at its output
an ObjectiveC UI shell codebase targeting Apple's Cocoa library
this UI shell is fleshed out with implementation code by the developer
out tool, named tz---nq---nj, fits into XCode as an alternative to InterfaceBuilder
we're hiring

need 4 engineers to join this development project immediately:
the coding is in C++ using XCode on OSX
we practice pair-programming
we're looking for people with 5 yrs of experience or more
work location and timings are flexible
FWIW, we have a permanent office in South Goa