we are a tech company (with a name to tickle your funny bone)
that is investigating better ways to build narrow function personal gadgets
such as
Amazon's Kindle, which is just for reading books
Google's' Chromebook, which is just for browsing the web
and all the smart things in the IoT
today, all these examples are built using the same architecture
used to build general purpose PCs, tablets and smartphones

the evolution of the personal gadget industry
the personal gadget industry has come far
since the invention of it's cornerstone, the microprocessor
in creating mass markets for personal use gadgets
popular PCs, smartphones and tablets sell in the 100s of millions
such scale amortizes the cost of the complex engineering involved
(today's' microprocessors have about a billion gates
and a design cycle spanning a few years)
however, it neccesarily implies reusing a 40 year old design approach
a one-size-fits-all design that relies on a 2-tier software architecture
with a hardware facing OS in the lower tier common to all machines
and apps in the upper tier that are used to specialize function
this architecture results in highly over-engineered gadgets
with users using under 5% of the gadgets designed functionality
it's also succeptible to privacy intrusions and security voilations
over this long 40 year period
hackers have figured out how to create malicious apps (viruses)
and to hack into computers because the OSs they are based on
have been well studied and reverse engineered
in the lucrative pursuit of exponential growth in volumes
innovation at the architecture level has severely lagged behind
e.g. both Android and iOS are based on the Unix OS
our first step
we are producing a software tool for the high level design of OSX apps
we plan to generate revenues from this tool to fund our future plans
we have named the tool tz---nq---nj
and we pronounce it "zincinj"

tz---nq---nj engineering, broad strokes

we plan to have a basic version ready for evaluation in mid-October

join us